Sunday, March 30, 2014

1,000+ Thankful List–Hodgepodge

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231. The latest snow didn’t close or cancel any events!

232. The end of winter is in sight!

233. Leftover smoothie popsicles for breakfast!

234. Simple dinners you can make without a recipe

235. Puppy kisses on your toes

236. Relaxed Sunday morning (even if it was because of a cold)

237. A garage to pile the yard sale stash

238. Dominoes and the fun sound they make when they fall over

2014-03-30 10.37.09

239. Really fun review products that brings the fun into the kitchen! We are loving Radish!!

240. A boy who knows what he likes to play with and is willing to part with other toys he doesn’t love!

241. Cough drops on a sore throat

242. Yoshi’s paw healing up on its own (well after some crate restriction) but no need for xrays!

243. Sammy bringing me a stuffed animal to snuggle with on a cold morning

244. A Saturday morning to read the 20 pages of testing instructions

2014-03-28 15.45.34

245. Only 4 weeks of “school” left for Sammy.  We have lots of field trips and interest learning planned after that!

246. Fancy restaurants to celebrate birthdays with my family!

247. Wonderful gift ideas from my Dad to my Mom.  I loved finding cute pictures of Sammy, my nephew, and nieces to make a brag book for my Mom!

248. Cute haircut that I didn’t have to attempt to do myself!

249. Sweet friends that brag about you and get the brag published in a magazine!  Thanks Katie!

2014-03-20 14.09.13

250. Rain boots for this massive amount of weather we have been having (both rain and snow!)

251. Exercise breaks during school – helps with focus and attitudes of both the student and the teacher *winks*

252. The sounds of Sammy’s imagination!

253.  Credits from Barnes and Noble from old books I bought that I can now use to buy something off my wish list!

254. e-readers (like true e-readers with e-ink and the ability to carry multiple current reads at once)

2013-05-22 23.28.24

255. Seeing a great movie with a greater guy

256. Sweet sister-in-law that gave us a night out on the town

257. Grills and how much easier dinner is!

258. Audio books from the library – I am loving our current one so much I have come up with reasons to drive somewhere *winks*

259. Dog piles

2014-03-08 14.19.22

260. Sammy’s ability to play when he isn’t so overwhelmed by the number of options he has!