Thursday, March 20, 2014

1,000+ Thankful List–Mud, Worms, and Libraries!

thankful button_thumb[3]

221. Being able to put books on hold at the library!  I had 13 books on worms waiting for me at the library today!

222. Six year old selfies: 2014-03-18 14.49.17

223. Leftovers

224. The feeling after purging things from your house.  I have quite a yard sale pile going!

225. Yard sale season coming up

226. Best friend’s that sing your praise!!! Katie you are amazing!

227.  Sammy still loving play dough!! 2014-03-09 18.14.19

228. Pinterest – It makes organizing unit studies so easy!  Worms!

229. Costco Pizza –homeschool lunch for the win!2014-02-18 11.08.22

230. The first day of Spring – even if the first sign of Spring we have seen is MUD.