Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2104 Goals–March Update

2014 Goals

1. Read 12 non-fiction books (2 of 12) -

2. Read 12 fiction books  (1 of 12) -   I am a little bit behind here.  I didn’t quite finish my February book

3. Read through the whole bible chronologically – I am pretty much on track with this.  I am one day behind but I have plans of catching up after writing this post!  These goals help me to make sure I am keeping up with everything I planned for this year!

4. Work out 204 times this year (that works out to be about 4 times a week or 17 times a month) – I worked out 18 times this month.  I am still 1 day behind but getting caught up!  So that is a total of 35 for the year. 

5. Complete 3 knitting projects – No progress

6. Complete 3 DIYs (any type)  - No progress

7. Add 20 things to our emergency preparedness kit – No progress

8. Purge through each area of our house (There are 16 “areas” of our house to go through at least once) – I am up to 4!

9. Print 2 years worth of pictures (I must get caught up)  - No progress

10. Create 1 photo album per year from 2007 to now (put the rest of the pictures into picture boxes) – No progress

11. Invite someone over to dinner at least once a month – We invited and had someone over in February 

12. Add 500 things to my thankful list on the blog (that’s about 42 things a month) – I added 10 things this month so I am about 30 items behind!  I will have to work on writing these posts this month!

13. Read aloud 24 chapter books with Sammy (I have completed 4 of 24) - Eve of the Emperor Penguin and
Moonlight on the Magic Flute this month with Sammy.  He really likes these Magic Tree house books. 

14. Try 60 new recipes (I will post them or share a link when we try them, that’s 5 a month)  (10 out of 60)– I tried the following recipes in February:

  • Garlic Caesar Chicken – I modified this so I could cook it in the crock-pot and add a little more sauce so I could serve it over rice with broccoli as a side. 
  • Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese – SO STINKING GOOD!!!!!  You can easily adapt it to add other deliciousness to it!
  • Perfect Lemonade – We had some lemons that were going to go bad so I made my first ever hand squeezed juice!  It turned out really good and a great use of resources!
  • Creamy Burrito Casserole – It was pretty good!
  • Cheesy Biscuits – These were tasty and super fast to whip together!  I don’t usually have bisquick on hand.  So I need to find a homemade bisquick recipe or we wont make these very often.
  • Foil Packet Tilapia Crockpot – I have made this before but this time I made it with greek yogurt and it was really good and much better for you!

15. Try 12 new homemade cleaning recipes  (1 of 12 tried) – No progress