Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Awesome Science [A Review]

Have you guys started your planning for next year?  I have done some very basically planning for next year.  One thing I know I need to figure out is what I am going to do about science.  I loved both curriculums we used.  One doesn’t have another elementary level..  The other one is just a little out of our price range (and I bought it used). 

All that said I was thrilled to check out my latest Moms of Masterbooks review Awesome Science. We had the pleasure of receiving the two newest additions Glacier National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

I am not sure who enjoyed these movies more Sammy or I.  When they first started up and Noah Justice came on the screen Sammy said, “Ohh cool it’s a kid!”  After watching the first movie Sammy also said, “He knows so much.  I want to know as much as him!” That sold it for me.  Sammy was excited to watch the next one and was genuinely excited about learning. 

2014-03-25 10.01.51

Now before you go thinking these movies are for kids I just want to say I learned a TON!  There is a lot of information being passed to the viewer.  If anything I would think these movies are a little over Sammy’s head but we paused the movies a lot to discuss what Noah was talking about.

My only complaint about these movies is the Awesome Science logo in the bottom right corner.  The logo has spinning electrons and I found it distracting.  But it was something I can deal with since Sammy was engaged and learning!

Do these movies sound like something you would be interested in? I would love to hear your thoughts or questions about them!

Mom of Masterbooks