Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Christmas Eve Night

After spending the day with my parents we headed home to meet most of Tim’s family at our house for some chicken chili and hanging out!  We setup an extra table but everyone gathered around our small table and ate.  I hopped up on a chair to get this picture.  From far left around the table clockwise, Greg, John, Reatha, Sammy, Tim, Nikki, Nicia, Becca, and Rachel.


Tim decided to test out the other table by himself:


Nikki and Nicia hanging out with some free sheetz coffee!


Tim’s sister that lives in Atlanta does animal rescue and had one of her fosters along for the trip.  He was adorable and oh so sweet!


Our dogs really enjoyed playing with him and did a great job of being gentle with him.  Which totally surprised me since they too are just babies!


Tim’s sister Rachel is not a huge animal fan and I just had to snap this picture of her holding the puppy on her lap!!



After they left we got things all ready for Christmas morning:


Yes the stocking on the left has my name on it with dog toys in it.  But it was really for the puppies.  We will have to get them their own stockings next year *winks*.