Monday, March 10, 2014

Christmas Morning

I love seeing this look on his face when he sees the presents under the Christmas tree.  Sammy knows they are from us but we don’t put them out until he has gone to bed.  It just makes for an exciting morning in my opinion!


This year Sammy wanted his two front teeth for Christmas.  He didn’t get them.  Even now in March he is still missing one of them!


Each year we get Sammy an ornament of something he was into for that year.  This year it was power rangers.  He was super excited to hang that on the tree.



Christmas was light this year with all of Sammy’s medical bills (which we paid off this week!!) but Sammy was still super excited about his gifts.  A Lego Ninjago sticker book:


The dogs got a gigantic bone.. sadly with three dogs it was gone the next day!


Sammy was super excited for his headbanz game and has had a lot of fun playing it with everyone:



Sammy was super excited about his new instrument.  He loves to make music! Tim is going to start teaching him some basic music theory on it soon. 



The big gift this year was a power ranger megazord.  Sammy was super excited about that!


Yoshi boy in heaven:


Sammy also go this super fun power ranger punching bag:


I made Christmas tree cinnamon rolls for breakfast before we headed over to Tim’s parents house: