Monday, March 24, 2014

Creamery Tour

The last week in February we had the chance to go to a local creamery and tour the facility.  This field trip was organized through our local co-op.  Since the timing was flexible we were able to do the tour while they were milking the cows. 

This is where the milk is processed and bottled.  We learned about what piece of equipment does and when they use it.


Next up we got to see the calves.  They have them in separate pins so they don’t get hurt by the other cows.  The calves are fed their own mother’s milk and some feed.  They were so stinking cute:


Next up we got to go into the milking barn.  The cleaned and hooked up the cows.  We then were able to watch the milk shoot into the bottles for that cow.  We were SUPER close to the cows.  It was really neat to get to experience this first hand:


Then we saw the teenage cows eating their dinner.  They are in small groups again based on their size.  Apparently cows can be quite the bullies to smaller cows so they get more feed. 


Back inside they got to watch a video about milk and talked about the other products you can make from milk.  Then they sampled some of the milk and butter.


Sammy still talks about the things he learned at the creamery!  The creamery hopes to be able to sell some ice cream made from their milk this summer! I hope they are able to do that too!