Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up–Random Week in February

So I am going to attempt to write up weekly reviews of our homeschool weeks again.  My issue is that I either take so many pictures that I am not focusing enough on what is going on.  Or I don’t take any pictures at all.  I decided to just let it go and share what I get but make sure that I am focused on our day and not the pictures!


Sammy is working his way through All About Reading level 2. In this lesson he was working on the sound of ar (as in car).  He read a story about a girl that couldn’t see very well and how she used her other senses to help her.  Then we got out the after the story activity.  He would read a word card and decide what sense you would use for that word.  For example, one of the words was coffee and he put it on the sense of smell since he thinks it would taste gross *winks*!


In All About Spelling level 1 Sammy is cruising along in his steps.  His least favorite thing about spelling is not the spelling words but the dictated phrases.  He often get so focused on the word he is writing he forgets the other words he needs to write.  I have seen a drastic improvement in that over the last month.  One thing that has helped is writing on the whiteboard instead of paper. 



I didn’t get any picture of math this week.  I have taken a small break from doing as many games and taking pictures of Sammy doing a math worksheet seems boring.  But the games are coming back real soon!


We read about Ishtar Gate in Mystery of History.  I found a picture online of what the gate looked like.  Using Picasa I turned it into a coloring page and gave it and a colored version for him to copy.  As you can see coloring is not really his thing.  He did think it was fun to color it but he didn’t put out much effort on the activity. 



We did a science lesson on water pressure and this fun experiment.  Sammy played with this for a while after the lesson was done.


We also did a lesson on forms of matter.  We watched a short science video and did a few hands on experiments with water, water vabor, and ice.  Here is Sammy coloring in the different forms of water in different colors:



We went to Nicia’s last home baskeball game.  It was also the first game that we have made that they won.  This isn’t a great picture but Nicia is shooting a free throw here (it went in).


This week Sammy also had his AWANA Grand PRIX. His car didn’t do so great but he had a lot of fun making and racing it!  He was also a good sport about losing and told his competitors good job! I am so proud of him!