Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Snowpocalypse of 2014

Back in February we got hit with a HUGE snowstorm.  We received around 17” of snow.  Tim was at work expecting power outages (which they didn’t really get (thank goodness)) so I suited up for some snow play.  I didn’t have any boots so I took care of the problem with some trash bags and duct tape!  Don’t worry I am now the proud owner of a pair of boots!


Sammy did some shoveling on the deck so the dogs could get out easier!


Then the next thing up was to make a snow angel:


Peach had to check and see if he was okay:


I apologize now for the massive amount of dog pictures ahead!  Tipsy the snow dog was in heaven:


These two loved the snow as well (Yoshi on the left and peach on the right):


Peach was thrilled with the snow and wanted you to throw snowballs for her all day long:


Sammy climbed up in the tree for a sweet picture!  I can’t believe how big he is looking:



Be still my heart:


Yoshi doesn’t love to get his picture taken.  He also didn’t love that we built a snowman and I wouldn’t allow him to eat it!


Sammy making and throwing snow balls for the puppies:


Later that night we went over to Tim’s sister’s house and took a few pictures and sledded down their big hill.  Nicia striking a pose:


She walked over into the neighbors yard and I thought it looked a lot like Narnia.  If only she had on a fur coat!


I LOVE this picture of Sammy and his Aunt Reatha!


Rachel got in on the picture action as well.  I was inside defrosting and I think Reatha took this awesome picture:


A few days later when the snow had melted some it became better snowman snow and Tim and Sammy set to work to build a snowman.  I think it turned out awesome!