Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap up–Field Trip to DC

Back in January Sammy and I had the privilege of visiting  our besties while they were living in DC for 8 weeks.  We got up early and drove up to Northern Virginia and took a metro to Capital Hill where they were living.  It was also the coldest few days of the year and man did we freeze!!

2014-01-27 09.42.02

After resting and eating some lunch at their house we headed off to the Smithsonian museum.  All of the big kids were ready to burn some energy (this was before the temperature really dropped)!


We walked passed the capital on the way to the metro stop.  If it had been warmer we would have just walked there but we were not use to temps in the teens with lots of wind!


Sammy and Joel taking a look at the capital:


On the Metro headed for the Smithsonian museums.  All of the kiddos have grown so much since we road the metro together last time!


I was excited to see how much of the scaffolding had come down on the Washington Monument!


We set our destination on the Museum of Natural History.  Sammy had never been before and I knew there would be lots of cool things for him to see.  The museum entrance:


January 2014

From left to right (and top to bottom): The big T-Rex skeleton, The stegosaurs - Sammy was able to identify a large number of these dinosaur skeletons, The big kids and the T-Rex -  I kept thinking about the movie Night in the Museum while we were there, and the big kids checking out the fossil you can touch:

Next up was over in the oceanic room.  The models around the room were really cool since they are to scale.  Sammy loved the whale.  My favorite was the gigantic jelly fish!


The whale Sammy liked:


They also had some real things in the exhibit.  Here is the gigantic squid.  It was seriously impressive in length.  It had shrank over time but was still quite impressive:


Next we found this super cool Nemo tank.  It had a lot of the characters from the movie in it:


My favorite was this teeny tiny starfish on the side:



Next we headed up stairs to check out the rocks and minerals section.  Here is the Hope Diamond.  This thing was HUGE!!


All through out the museum they had things for the kids to touch and experience.  They all loved touching this:



This picture didn’t turn out the greatest but I loved this geode:

2014-01-27 15.36.23

Everyone was getting pretty tired by now.  So we headed downstairs to take a look at the hall of mammals.  We all thought this was pretty cool!


The boys and the walrus:


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