Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Last Week in February

I am getting caught up on these posts!  There was a week or two in March I haven’t taken pictures so it shouldn’t take long to catch up *winks*
Language Arts

Sammy learned how to read or words like corn, born, worn, storm, etc.  He had to pick a piece of corn off of the stalk, read the word and then he could “eat” it. 
February 20141
Hopefully this video works.  I took a video of part of Sammy’s language arts story.  He had to narrate a story for First Language Lessons:
Sammy is plowing through All About Spelling level 1.  This week Sammy learned how to spell words that start with the /k/ sound.  If it is followed by an e,i, and y you usually use a K any other letter you use a c. 
2014-02-18 09.35.09
We played some Addition Bingo with goldfish.  We got to eat our goldfish when one of us won:
2014-02-17 07.59.03
We are also working our way through the Horizons first grade math book.
2014-01-14 08.39.46
We did our normal Mystery of History lessons.  We also talked about Rembrandt before we went to see some of his works! We watched this short video (I read it to Sammy).
We did our normal science lessons this week.  That I didn’t get any pictures of.  I did get a picture of Sammy watching a Magic School Bus episode on the Netflix:
2014-02-19 12.03.26
I forgot to share this last week.  We went to the local university for a really cool Rembrandt art exhibit.  They did an awesome job creating an iPad app for elementary aged kids.  They had to find things around the room, draw a self portrait, find the names of various pieces of work, etc. It was really cool!
2014-02-17 11.18.45
We went on two really cool field trips this week.  The first was over to a local missionary support group.  They send out supplies to different missionaries and organizations all around the world.  They had the kids sort medical supplies, clothing by sizes and gather things for moms to be.  Sammy LOVED making the baby bundles.  After they made one they would pray over the supplies before putting them in the box.
2014-02-25 14.15.20
The other field trip was to a local creamery.  We got to see all sorts of amazing things while we were there!
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