Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winter Fun List–Final Update

Winter Fun List

  1. Colored Ice Sculptures
  2. Watch the penguin huddle video
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Make a snowman
  5. Make a polar bear mask
  6. Make an owl
  7. Fill the bird feeder
  8. Read our winter books
  9. Look for animal tracks in the snow
  10. Make and play with snow playdough 2014-03-09 18.14.19
  11. Make a pipe cleaner ninja
  12. Make this cool paper airplane
  13. Purge 100 things from our house
  14. Paint the snow
  15. Go on 2 nature walks
  16. Melt Ice with salt
  17. Make snow dough (shaving cream and cornstarch)
  18. Do one of Sammy’s new science kits (I got them at the dollar tree)
  19. Play with Sammy’s alternative powered cars (one is a soda car and the other is a balloon car)
  20. Do a wax-resistant snow painting
  21. Bake a treat with Sammy
  22. Play 10 board games
  23. Go on at least 1 field trip to DC 1/27-1/28
  24. Try 1 new thing (activity, food, restaurant)
  25. Have an indoor snowball fight

We didn’t quite finish everything on our list, but we did get over half of the list done.  I love the direction this gives us on days that aren’t very full.   Sammy and I will look at the list and pick out a few things to do.  Crafts weren’t big on his list after he picked them out.  But that is okay!  I will be making a spring fun list real soon!