Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo Dump–December

Yes, I realize I am ridiculously behind on these posts.  I will be catching up over the next few weeks! 

Our homeschool group had an 80s Christmas Party.  They did an 80s rendition of Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  It was hilarious: 

2013-12-01 19.41.04

Sammy loved his Lego advent calendar.  This will definitely be a new tradition for a while:

2013-12-02 08.20.08

Working on his logic page.  This was definitely his favorite school thing this year:

2013-12-02 08.57.27

We used stickers to cover up the words he had read.  This helped him see his progress and be encouraged to keep going!

2013-12-02 10.16.42

Puppy snuggles:

2013-12-02 23.25.40

I had stolen and was using Sammy’s quilt a lot this past winter:

2013-12-03 13.07.25

Yoda Sammy at my nephew’s birthday party:

2013-12-07 13.19.40

There are no words for this poor snowman:

2013-12-13 11.10.15

Investigating snowflakes:

2013-12-14 12.27.17

The puppies were put on the naughty list for pulling the stuffing out of their bed:

2013-12-20 15.22.25

Tim passed out with Peach on his lap:

2013-12-20 23.40.48

Sammy passed out on the way home from my parents house on Christmas Eve:

2013-12-24 09.04.06

The funny pillow at my parents house:

2013-12-24 10.03.00

My mom wearing her crazy Christmas hat while making gravy.  I was watching to see how to make gravy since I stink at making it!

2013-12-24 11.59.53


2013-12-24 13.30.37