Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raddish [A Review]

I was contacted by Raddish and I was immediately excited about doing a review for them.  Their mission is to bring families together at the table and in the kitchen!  How awesome is that?  I immediately asked if I could do a review because I know a lot of you all want to do just that!

A few days later this beautifully packaged box showed up at my house:

2014-03-15 14.55.22

Sammy and I have had a blast working our way through most of the recipes.  His favorite was by far the Mac and Cheese Cupcakes!  The only thing we didn’t try was the Chocolate Volcano Cakes since Sammy doesn’t like chocolate and I don’t feel like it is something I need to work on him trying and liking *winks*.  However, Melissa and her cuties baked them up and they look amazing.  You can check out her review here.

Raddish is a monthly subscription service and each month you get three recipes to try that focus on a certain kitchen skill.  This months skill was whisking.  Sammy has been making scrambled eggs for a while so I knew he knew how to do it, however, he was so much more effective with a smaller whisk.  I certainly saw improvements in his skills while working on the recipes. 

One thing I loved is that all of the papers that are used in the kitchen are a laminated cardstock.  So, when something is spilled on them you can quickly wipe it off.  Being the mom of a very messy boy this is very helpful!  I also love that they have the shopping list with all of the supplies for that months recipes:


Sammy loved that he could read the recipes!  They have words and pictures and he had no problem telling me what each step was.  He also loved that he was allowed to do the steps without much assisting from me!


Each box also includes 2 activities to do together.  The theme for this month was science!  One of Sammy’s favorite was an activity about popcorn (this might be because it is one of his favorite snacks)!  First, you counted the number of un-pop popcorn kernels you could fit inside of a circle.  We could 45 kernels in ours.  DSC_0025DSC_0028

Then it told you how to pop the popcorn on the stove (Sammy completed this with just a little help).  Then you count how many kernels fit into the circle once they were popped.  Sammy’s biggest challenge was not eating the pieces that were suppose to go into the circle!!


Here is what the activity card looks like:


After completing this activity we talked about what makes the popcorn pop, defined the word expands and talked about how each popped kernel looks so different. 

In each subscription box there is also a super cute patch you can iron onto the apron once you have learned the skill for that month.  Sammy loves the apron because it has pockets!  I love it because it is super high quality and big enough it will fit Sammy for a while!

My overall opinion of Raddish is that they have made an amazingly high quality product.  It is fun for kids and parents and it certainly brings families together.  I love that they have recipes that might be out of a child’s comfort zone.  This encourages them to try things like kale since they put the work into making it!! I would certainly recommend this product and would say it would make a great gift for grandparents to give to their grandchildren.  They will get something fun in the mail each month and build family unity!