Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up–March

Sadly, I did a terrible job of taking pictures last month. So here is the very few pictures I was able to get during our school time.  We did a lot more work than this but I still wanted to share what I did get!


Sammy is learning how to subtract in Horizons 1.  I pulled out our Math-U-See blocks to make his page of problems more fun and help him memorize a few facts.  He still doesn’t have very many memorized.  Using flash cards doesn’t seem to be helping so I am at a loss on how to help him memorize those facts.  Anyone have some suggestions?



In science we had been talking about matter.  We discussed that matter is made up of different atoms.  Then our science curriculum had us see what happens when you mix certain atoms.  We had never done a baking soda/vinegar reaction before and Sammy was delighted with what happened:

March 2014

We moved on to our light and sound unit.  Sammy put together his top that he will use through out this unit.  He cut out the sticker that you put on top of one of those mini CDs.  Then when you spin the tops the colors mix to make other colors.  He things this is so cool!



I realized we were a little behind on our art lessons.  So we are getting caught up on those.  In this art lesson we talked the country Mexico and made  ponchos in traditional colors and and designs.  Here they are while they are drying:


Here is Sammy’s after he cut the fringe on his poncho. 


I really need to do a better job taking pictures because I love getting to look back on all that we have done and get great ideas from everyone! 

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