Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Goals–March and April Update

2014 Goals

1. Read 12 non-fiction books (4 of 12) -

  • Uncovering The Logic of English  - January’s book
  • One Thousand Gifts – February’s book – I wasn’t a huge fan of this book.  I love the idea and the premise of this book.  I just wasn’t a huge fan of her writing style. 
  • Margin – March’s book.. I am still trying to build margin into my days and lives but this book has certainly helped to get me on the right track.
  • How to Have a HEART for Your Kids – April’s Book - I would recommend this book to every mother to read!

2. Read 12 fiction books  (2 of 12) -   I am really behind here!! I hope to catch up this month!

3. Read through the whole bible chronologically – I am still on track with this.  Now that we are further into the bible I am loving the chronological reading!

4. Work out 204 times this year (that works out to be about 4 times a week or 17 times a month) – I worked out 31 times in March and April.  I am still 1 day behind but getting caught up!  So that is a total of 66 for the year.  I am only 2 behind for the year. 

5. Complete 3 knitting projects – Still no progress here

6. Complete 3 home improvement projects (any type)  - 1 completed – we built shelves and organized the shed!

2014-04-12 18.03.48

7. Add 20 things to our emergency preparedness kit – We added 1 thing to our stash.  I need to find a better way to store this so we can get to it easily!

8. Purge through each area of our house (There are 16 “areas” of our house to go through at least once) – I have completed all but 10 areas!!  6 more to go and they aren’t big spaces (2 bathrooms, coat closet, linen closet, bathroom linen closet, and the garage (but this was already partly done).

9. Print 2 years worth of pictures (I must get caught up)  - I have printed 1 year worth of pictures.  Now to start uploading 2010.. I will catch up eventually!

10. Create 1 photo album per year from 2007 until printed (put the rest of the pictures into picture boxes) – I have 2007, 2008, and 2009 in photo albums.  Everything I have printed I have organized. 

11. Invite someone over to dinner at least once a month – We invited and had someone over in April.  We attempted in March but weren’t able to make the schedules work out yet!

12. Add 500 things to my thankful list on the blog (that’s about 42 things a month- UPDATED: Now need to add 50) – I have added 100 things to the list this year.  So I am a little behind on this.  I now need to add 50 things a month to stay on track. 

13. Read aloud 24 chapter books with Sammy (I have completed 14 of 24) – We added all 5 of the Gregor the Overlander books to our reading list.  We added a few others to the list as well (Pippi Longstockings, Mary Poppins and a few others). 

14. Try 60 new recipes (I will post them or share a link when we try them, that’s 5 a month)  (14 out of 60)–

I tried 3 new recipes out of a cookbook in March (sorry no links for these).  I also tried a new yogurt popsicle recipe.  It was a little too seedy ( I can’t find the recipe I tried). 

In April I tried a new tinfoil packet idea I had in my head.  It was okay.. not amazing though. 

I am behind on my recipe trying.. I will have to make this more of a priority

15. Try 12 new homemade cleaning recipes  (3 of 12 tried) – I tried a new laundry detergent recipe and didn’t love it.  I also tried a bleach then vinegar solution on the washing machine and that did the trick!