Monday, May 26, 2014

The Universe [A Review]


Masterbooks has done it again!! They have created another great science book!  I was trilled when I saw this book in my mailbox because I knew just what I was going to do with this book!  Sammy has been wanting to learn more about planets and the stars.  So I am planning a unit using The Universe book!

This book is packed full of crisp beautiful pictures of experiments, the Milky Way, and other things in outer space.  There are tons of hands on experiments to help solidify the facts in the student’s mind.  All of the experiments I have looked at have household items in the materials list.  Which means I don’t have to go track down crazy supplies for each lesson!  Included in this book is information on past scientists and what they discovered or theorized. 

The book is designed for mid to upper elementary students through middle school.  Sammy has finished first grade and I would say the material is slightly harder than he is ready for.  I would say third grade would be a great starting grade for this curriculum. 

This curriculum includes the text book, teacher’s guide, and a student journal.  The student journal includes sections to answer questions about the experiments and places to record the results of the experiments!