Monday, June 23, 2014

It’s Not Greek to Me [A Review]

As a mom of Masterbooks I received a copy of the DVD It’s Not Greek to Me.  This is a video based program that teaches the basics of Greek.  Todd Friel teaches these engaging lessons.  The goal is to help people understand the basics of Greek so that you can better understand the bible.

You will begin to learn and understand the alphabet, punctuation, nouns, verbs, voices, moods, and much more! All of this in 10 lessons!  You can count this program as a half year of high school language credits. 

I was most excited about getting to learn how to use the Greek portion of the concordance and how to read the words.  I was also excited to see that they had a planner to help plan out the lessons into 90 days. 

This curriculum was definitely over my son’s head (age 7) but I found it to be easy to learn along with the lessons.  The nice thing about the lessons is you can take them as slowly as needed to retain the information.

I was given a copy of this curriculum by Master Books By New Leaf Publishing in exchange of my honest review.  You can read more reviews of the product here.