Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WeDrawAnimals.com Tutorial

Kathy from WeDrawAnimals.com contacted me to tell me about their awesome website and offered to create a tutorial for me to share on the blog.  I checked out the website and thought it was super cool!  They have over 500 animal tutorials on their website.  Some of the animals are really common and some are really exotic. 

Kathy created a butterfly tutorial for me to share on the blog:


Sammy and I tried our hand at following the tutorial.  I am by no means an artist but I would love to improve my ability beyond stick figures and geometric shapes *winks*.  We had a lot of fun working on this and Sammy asked if we could work on drawing more animals from their website.  I think this might be something we add into our school week!  There is an e-book available that would make using it in our homeschool that much easier!

So hope on over to WeDrawAnimals.com and check out their awesome tutorials!  I know you guys will find something fun to draw.