Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Goals–Final Update

2014 Goals

So I did a terrible job of posting updates on my goals.  I also didn’t complete all of them (I kinda figured I wouldn’t) but I am proud of how many I completed and how far I got on the others!  I am going to post some goals for 2015 tomorrow but here is what I was able to accomplish in 2014. 

1. Read 12 non-fiction books (affiliate links below)

2. Read 12 fiction books (affiliate links below)
3. Read through the whole bible chronologically
4. Work out 204 times this year
5. Complete 3 knitting projects – I only completed 2 projects and have one 3/4 of the way finished
6. Complete 3 DIYs (any type) (we completed the floors, shelves, and a place to display subway art)
7. Add 20 things to our emergency preparedness kit – totally failed on this one.  We added 5 things to our kit)
8. Purge through each area of our house (There are 16 “areas” of our house to go through at least once)
9. Print 2 years worth of pictures (I must get caught up) – I printed 1 year and have the other ready to print I am just waiting for a free shipping code *winks*
10. Create 1 photo album per year from 2007 to now (put the rest of the pictures into picture boxes)
11. Invite someone over to dinner at least once a month
12. Add 500 things to my thankful list on the blog – failed miserably!
13. Read aloud 24 chapter books with Sammy
14. Try 60 new recipes (I will post them or share a link when we try them, that’s 5 a month) – I only tried about 30
15. Try 12 new homemade cleaning recipes (I will share a link or post them as I try them) – I got discouraged in this since so many of the ones I tried failed or didn’t perform up what I was trying to replace them with.