Friday, January 9, 2015

Monthly School Wrap-Up–November

We didn’t do as much school work this month between Sammy’s surgery and the Thanksgiving holiday.  We took a lot of time off for his recovery and for the holiday but we did fit in some fun stuff.  I might do a full post for each of the field trips we went on this month. 
First up was the police station… yes, that is Sammy sitting in the chief of police seat in the debriefing room raising his hand to ask a question:
2014-11-03 10.38.23-1
The only time I ever want to see him in the back seat of a police car:
2014-11-03 10.55.36
Coloring and listening to the lesson for our picture smart bible lesson:
2014-11-04 09.02.30
We are working on a logic and reasoning book this year and Sammy is loving it.  This was a visual lesson on drawing some blocks just like the picture:
2014-11-05 08.33.44
Math is always more fun on the couch:
2014-11-05 09.11.50-1
A lot of Lego creations (and snap blocks) on his dresser.  The one with the horses is my favorite it is a farm *smiles*:
2014-11-08 14.40.19
Playing games is fun and helps to turn lessons into life skills.  We were playing Sequence Jr.: 
2014-11-11 16.55.31-1
We went on a field trip to the fire station.  We have done this before but this was a volunteer fire department and they spent a lot of time talking to the kids and letting them try on different equipment and climb all over their trucks!
2014-11-12 10.23.53
Independent time usually looks a lot like this:
2014-11-13 13.40.09
Recovery from surgery:
2014-11-18 09.53.27-1
My parents gave Sammy all sorts of cool gifts to play with while he was recovering from surgery.  One being this super fun experiment book and getting to do it with Daddy was the best part:
2014-11-28 11.06.04
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