Friday, January 2, 2015

Monthly School Wrap Up–October


A little peak into school from October!  Sammy got a crossword puzzle from AWANA and worked on completing it for an extra AWANA buck.  He really enjoyed this and I will have to make some up for reviews for school!

2014-10-02 08.29.59

Working on his science workbook about trees:

2014-10-06 09.16.24

His completed page all labeled:

2014-10-06 09.18.22

Another fun math game we learned this week!  It was called corners.  The object was to make totals of 5, 10, 15, or 20.  We really enjoyed this game and Sammy is really getting his addition facts memorized this year!

2014-10-13 10.01.07-1

At Lego club Sammy built an awesome marble maze:

2014-10-17 14.39.41

He also worked really hard on building circuits with his snap circuit set:

2014-10-22 07.34.16

We got to go see a production of Cinderella at a local high school and it was REALLY well done!

2014-10-26 15.27.27-1

Addition fact color by number was a hit:

2014-10-30 08.31.35

As was finishing up a handwriting book.  We switched curriculums this year so I started Sammy on the First grade book just to review the letters and the format of the curriculum.  He finished that up this month and started the Second grade book:

2014-10-30 08.42.28

Weekly Wrap-Up