Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Show Me… Your Bookshelves

A few of my blogging friends are doing a show me series.  This week we are showing you are bookshelves.  I had grand plans of getting them straightened up before I posted this.  However, the flu has hit our house (only Sammy has it so far) so I am keeping it real this morning and this is what my bookshelves looked like this morning!! 
In my master bedroom closet I have a bookshelf full of extra curriculum.  My mother-in-law gave us a bunch of curriculum and then I have bought stuff at the used curriculum sale that I haven’t put into use yet.  I store all of that on this bookshelf.  The books are organized basically by when they will be used next. 
2015-01-13 07.43.56
Then in our master bedroom we have two HUGE bookshelves.  On those we store our season books (top part of the below picture.. minus our Christmas collection that gets stored with the Christmas decorations), classics, older kid chapter books, and our personal reading books:
2015-01-13 07.44.42
Then in our homeschool room (that I will eventually share pictures of) I have several bookshelves.  This is the one with our read aloud books for the year and the curriculum we are using.  It was better organized but Sammy pulls stuff off of these shelves himself and things don’t always get put away properly.  In the blue baskets hold parts of our math curriculum (all of the manipulates) and the other one holds all of our science curriculum resources (x-rays, lady bug land, etc.):
2015-01-13 07.45.11
Another bookshelf in that room holds a bunch of non-fiction resources that we use as reference or just to learn more about something (on the top two shelves) and the next shelf holds some picture books, easy readers, and school supplies.  The bottom shelf (not pictured) is full of easy readers.  As Sammy reads them and they become to easy I pull them out to sell them.  This is where he goes to get some alone reading material. 
2015-01-13 07.45.49
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