Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas Morning at Our House


We have a tradition at our house of having Christmas morning with just our family (the 3 of us).  We love the slow pace and the special memories we make.  We have cinnamon rolls for breakfast and enjoy opening presents slowly while the dogs play with their new things too *winks*

The stockings all setup and new bones for the dogs all ready the night before:




I think this might be the only fully decorated tree picture I took all year!  Never the less I love seeing all of the packages under the tree:


Christmas morning.. He was still a little bleary eyed:


The dogs dug right into their fresh bone supply!  Sadly the bones were gone by the next day!


Sammy enjoying opening his stocking and finding lots of fun surprises. 


Sammy was excited about some Star Wars figurines we picked out for him:


Sitting behind his pile.. we usually take turns to even out the amount of presents everyone has.. and Sammy really enjoys being the present hander outer.. (that is totally a real title)!


Tim’s big gift was a Roku 3.. which we have all been enjoying a bunch:


I got a new crock-pot since mine was falling apart!!


Sammy has loved this new Robot Turtles Game:


Sammy’s big gift was another marble run.. he is obsessed with these and likes them both.  The one we got him has proven to be pretty challenging so he can’t quite build it himself yet: