Monday, February 2, 2015

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Sammy and I had fun with a Christmas tradition we have been doing for a while.  We made personalized Christmas ornaments for everyone in our immediate family!  There were so many ornaments.. so prepare yourself for lots of pictures *winks*.  When I had inspiration from somewhere I linked to it below the ornament.

DIY reindeer glass ball ornament

Sammy’s Reindeer he made for Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents (inspiration)

DIY snowman glass ball ornament

Sammy’s Snowman he made for Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents (inspiration)


Sammy with his wrapped ornaments!  He was quite proud of all of his hard work.. We will be starting these earlier next year!

DIY mickey mouse glass ball ornament

My Mickey Mouse ornament for my nephew

DIY stashing through the snow glass ball ornament

For my sister-in-law and brother-in-law (inspiration)

DIY hello kitty glass ball ornament

Hello Kitty for my niece

DIY mini mouse glass ball ornament

Mini Mouse Ornament for my sister (they had just gotten back from Disney)

DIY gone fishing glass ball ornament

Gone Fishing for my brother-in-law and my Dad (inspiration)

DIY super why glass ball ornament

Super Why for a friend’s child

DIY Lalaloopsy doll glass ball ornament

Lalaloopsy Doll for my nieces and a friend’s child

DIY rolled music glass ball ornament

Rolled Christmas carol music for my father-in-law (inspiration)

DIY Settlers of Catan glass ball ornament

Settlers of Catan ornament it has each of the resources from the game inside of it.  This was for my sister-in-law and friend.

DIY memory glass ball ornament

Friendship memory ball for my best friend.  It has a list of things we have done together over the years!

DIY melted snowman glass ball ornament

Melted snowman for my mom (inspiration)

glitter snowflake cookie cutter ornament

glittery cookie cutter for my niece (inspiration)

Mountain Dew DIY ornament

Mountain Dew ornament for my brother-in-law

DIY penguin light bulb ornament

Penguin light bulb for my mother-in-law (inspiration)

Perler bead R2D2 Star Wars DIY ornament

All of the perler bead ornaments were made by Sammy. 

R2D2 for his cousin (inspiration)

Perler bead snowflake ornament

Snowflake for his friend (inspiration)

DIY Perler bead Olaf frozen ornament

Olaf for his cousin (inspiration)

DIY Perler bead Sleepy Beauty Aurora ornament

Aurora/ Sleeping Beauty for his cousin (inspiration)

DIY Perler bead Sophia the First ornament

Sophia the First for his cousin (inspiration)

DIY Perler bead Doc McStuffins ornament

Doc McStuffins for his cousin (inspiration)

DIY Perler bead Minion Dispicable Me ornament

Minion for a friend (inspiration)

DIY Perler bead train ornament

Train for a friend (inspiration)