Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monthly School Wrap-up - January

In January we were really sick!  Because of that we took off a lot from school.  Sammy thankfully only had the flu while I took the brunt of the sickness (Strep Throat, flu, and Bronchitis).  We did get some school work done and here is what I got pictures of last month!

We worked through a geography workbook.  Sammy really enjoyed this style of learning and I might switch up a few subjects next year to have a little more textbook style work:

Sammy got a super cool soda can robot kit from my parents for Christmas.  Tim and Sammy worked on putting it together:
Robotics hands on
 The finished robot in action:


We watched a bunch of tv while we were sick.. sometimes we threw in something educational like Magic School Bus:
flu 2015

Can we count this as home ec?

Home Ec for Boys

 Building with his erector set:
Erector set

All About Spelling while standing on a chair:

All About Spelling grade 2

 We made pita bread like the Phoenicians:

Story of the World - The Phonecians

 We talked about natural and man made landmarks.  Sammy thought The Great Barrier Reef was really cool (especially since you can see it from outer space).  He drew a picture while we were out to dinner:

The Great Barrier Reef

Some super cool library books we got at the beginning of the month:

The book with no pictures reading books

Reading for pleasure (be still my heart): 
2nd grade boy reading

Some homeschool enrichment.. we went and saw James and the Giant Peach.  Sammy loved it.  My Dad comment that the theater was really empty.. We sat in the back so Sammy could see better but the whole front section was really full! 

James and the Giant Peach Play

A glimpse at an All About Reading activity:

I will be linking this up to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.