Friday, May 1, 2015

Monthly School Update - March

I didn’t manage to get many school pictures this month but here are the ones I did snag!  A little logic and math fun with the game Sequence:
2015-03-03 19.02.32
Math is more fun when you can do it in a box:
2015-03-04 10.19.20
We created a few fun art projects and hung them  up in the school room:
2015-03-05 17.01.57
Sammy wrote a pretty great story about his new bike:
2015-03-16 08.56.47
We learned all about our bodies in science:
2015-03-25 07.53.48
We went on an awesome field trip to a pottery place.  The kids got to make pinch pots which we will be picking up today!
2015-03-30 11.24.19
Weekly Wrap-Up