Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Homeschooling An Only Child–The Good

Homeschooling An Only Child

If you are new to this series, you can see the first post here.  I, again, just want to say this is intended to both be an encouraging series for homeschoolers of an only child as well as give other families insight into what it’s like in our shoes! 

There are some amazing benefits of homeschooling an only child!  I wanted to start this series off on a positive (and a light) note!

Here are a few of the fun things about homeschooling an only:

  • When your child finishes up their work for the day.. everyone is done!
  • All of your children have the same learning style
  • You can’t compare them unintentionally with a sibling
  • You only have to buy one set of workbooks
  • Field trips cost a whole lot less
  • They can be involved in more events because you aren’t splitting your time driving everyone someplace
  • You can sit and work through each problem with the child
  • You don’t miss a weakness because you were helping someone else
  • They don’t have to wait their turn to get help with something
  • The student doesn’t have anyone distracting them from their work
  • They have their choice of places to do school work
  • When your only child sleeps in, the whole house is quite
  • You can sell your curriculum as soon as you are done with it


There are some more important benefits to homeschooling as well.  One of the things I am really thankful for is the ability to focus on character issues as they arise.  Not that you can’t do that if you have more than one child; however, it can become challenging to focus on a character issue for each child.  Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease and other things get overlooked. 

If your child wants to learn about a certain topic it is very easy to add that in or replace something to add it in.  I firmly believe if they are interested in something they can dig deep in that subject and become an expert in no time.

An only child’s ability to entertain themselves is pretty astounding.  That is not to say they use it all the time!  However, Sammy can often find something to entertain himself with and be gone for long stretches of time!

2015-04-07 10.55.09

You don’t have to schedule one on one time with you child.  That doesn’t mean you get out of doing the special one on one dates, but you don’t have to figure out how to fit them all into the schedule!  This really helps build the deep bonds between the child and the parents!  I realize that as we hit the teen years the bond won’t seem as tight, but, hopefully, pouring into our only child now will help keep the relationship strong through the teen years.

Next week I will be writing about the challenges of homeschooling an only and how to overcome them.  If there is anything you would like for me to cover in the topic, let me know; I would be glad to do so.