Monday, June 15, 2015

Sammy’s 8th Birthday

Way back in April Sammy turned 8!  We had a fun weekend celebrating him and doing lots of partying!  We started the birthday weekend off with a friend party at Pump It Up (a bounce house place).  Here everyone is yelling Happy Birthday to Sammy:


Sammy going down the huge slide:



The theme of the party was Star Wars so he was sure to wear his Star Wars shirt!  He gave the slide two thumbs up (there was a lot of pictures like that, that weekend):


Blowing out the candle:


Pizza and Vader-ade followed by cupcakes.. even better when you are sitting next to your cousin:


Present time in the huge thrown:



The next morning was Sammy’s actual birthday… so he got to open presents from us before heading off to his cousin’s birthday party (she was born almost exactly two years later):


We gave Sammy a Kiwi Crate subscription for the year.. he was super pumped about that gift:


The next day we had family over to celebrate with Sammy.  Of course we had to have more birthday cupcakes:


I had to use a lot of food coloring to make them look like light sabers.  hehe this might be my favorite picture from Sammy’s birthday:



Opening presents:


He has had so much fun with these:


Star Wars figures are always a hit:


Sammy at eight:

  • funny
  • energetic
  • loves to read
  • LOVES Legos
  • talkative
  • caring
  • a big helper
  • loves to play with kids and be around people
  • still loves animals and is very compassionate with them
  • 4’1” tall and 58 lbs.
  • bright