Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Second Grade Curriculum Review

I never got around to sharing our curriculum choices for 2nd grade! Bad Blogger!!  But before I share our plans for 3rd grade plans I wanted to share what worked or didn’t work for us this past year!


2014-09-18 10.18.24-1Our plan was to work our way through The Picture Smart Bible. I enjoyed the curriculum and so did Sammy.  However, I didn’t feel like much of the information was sticking with him.  The overview of each book seemed to vague for him to retain.  I don’t think this was a curriculum issue as much as it was a learning style issue. 


2014-10-30 08.42.28We gave Handwriting Without Tears a shot this year.  This curriculum works really well for a leftie.  I loved that they words they were suppose to be writing were above  where they were writing so his hand wasn’t covering them up.  However, I didn’t feel like there was enough repetition for a second grader.  We were able to complete both the first grade and second grade books in one year. 


2014-11-05 09.11.50At the beginning of the year we gave Rightstart Math a shot.  It was not a good fit for us. I love the games it has and we used them throughout the year but Sammy needed a lot more repetition in order to master his addition facts.  We switched to Horizons Math and used that for the rest of the time.  This was a better fit and Sammy’s addition facts were finally memorized!! Now to move on to subtraction and multiplication! 


2015-03-24 14.24.48We used Nancy Larson Science 1 and LOVED it this year!  This was just the right speed for Sammy and he learned so much! I love the format and everything about this program!!


DSC_0005Our selection for this year was Story of the World Volume 1.  This was a hit and just the right speed for Sammy!  He learned a ton about history and really enjoyed the hands on activities we added in from the activity book


2015-01-03 18.30.25We chose to continue on with All About Reading level 3 for this year.  This was a great fit and we finished out level 3.  This program has given Sammy such a great foundation!  I have seen his reading REALLY explode this year and it has been awesome!!

Language Arts

We worked through the Learning Language Arts through Literature the Red Book.  I liked the program okay but we skipped a lot of things since we already had a reading and spelling program.  So there was a lot of busy work or skipped sections since it was repetitive.  We wont be using this in the future but I didn’t hate the program. 


2015-01-27 10.53.36We gave All About Spelling level 2 a shot.  I love the program and we will continue to use it but at a MUCH slower pace for Sammy.  We added in Spelling You See (review here) and I think this will be a better fit for him right now.  I think we will try and work on a spelling lesson a month from All About Spelling and do Spelling You See daily. 


2015-03-16 09.39.57We used WriteShop A this year. I loved the program but I think I picked the wrong level for Sammy.  It as too easy for him.  He did learn how to better organize his thoughts and write several different projects that he was proud of! 


2014-11-05 08.33.44We used several extra things this past year.  We used several workbooks from The Critical Thinking Company that we loved and will be doing again next year.  We used Building Thinking Skills level 1 and did half of the book and will finish the other half next year.  We finished the second half of the Mind Benders book 2 this year.  This is one of Sammy’s favorite school activities! We also did Dr. DooRiddles A2 book and these were challenging but fun for him to figure out.. there were a few I had to look the answer up to *winks*.