About Me


I have lived in Virginia my entire life, and have had the pleasure of living in five very different parts of it! I graduated from James Madison University as a computer science major, even though I've never enjoyed programming. Pre-motherhood, I worked full time at a large language learning software company providing IT support for its employees. I worked for this company part-time until 2013.  I love playing board games, reading books, sewing, knitting, blogging, homeschooling and hanging out with my family. When I was a kid, I loved playing softball, swimming, and just about any other sport I had the opportunity to try! I am the youngest of two, and have an amazing sister, Clare.
About Me Bytes of Memory


Tim was born in Arkansas, but moved to Virginia when he was one. He is the oldest of seven children. He has 2 brothers (Dave and Greg) and 4 sisters (Becca, Reatha, Rachel, and Nicia). Tim works for a small electric co-op in the engineering department.  A general gist of what he does is maintain a network that informs everyone of the status of electrical equipment in the field.  Tim loves board games, running sound at our church, playing music, and hanging out with the family. As a kid, he loved playing music, taking apart anything electronic, and being a big brother.

Sammy (age 7):

Sammy is a happy, energetic, tender-hearted boy who will turn 8 in April 2015. He has two major passions in his life right now; Star Wars and Legos. Sammy loves to built, invent, and sword fight (with Nerf swords).  He is currently in (homeschool) second grade.  His favorite subject is reading (he says by himself)!